Getting Started
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Are you just getting started on VendSoft? Here are the steps you should take to ensure your vending business takes full advantage of the system right away.

Step 1: Set up your inventory

The first thing you should do is create your products and set up initial inventory quantities and costs. This is done on the Inventory screen.

You can add your products individually or in bulk using the Import from file functionality.

After you create your products, you will be able to view and manage them on the Inventory screen:

Step 2: Create Locations

Go to the Locations section and create records for the locations where your vending machines are placed.

Define the location’s address and position it on the map. Optionally, you can set up commission rates, if any, choose a service pattern to visit the location, etc.

Read more detailed guidelines in the Create Location article.

Step 3: Define Machines

Go to the Machines section and create records for the machines.

Besides the machine’s general data like type and description, you have to define the machine’s configuration: what products are placed in the machine, at what positions, product quantities, and vend prices.

Read more detailed guidelines in Create Machine article.

Step 4: Add products to the machines

Go to the Planogram tab of each machine and add the products. You can specify the selection, capacity, vend price, and last fill level.

Read more detailed guidelines in the Add Products to Machine article.

Step 5: Install machines at their locations

With this step, you define at which location belongs a particular machine.

Every location has to have at least one machine assigned to it, and also, each machine has to be placed at exactly one location.

You can define this connection from the Machines section and the Locations section.

Step 6: Create a Trip

Now that your master data is set up, you can create a trip and service your machines.

Go to the Trips screen. This is the place where you can view and manage your trips.

The Create Trip article provides more info on the process.

Step 7: Print Service Sheet

After you have created the trip, you have two options for capturing result data from servicing the machines in the trip:

  • Use the mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). In the mobile app, click the “Download Trip” button to receive the trip on your device.

  • Record data on paper. Go to the Trips screen, select the trip, and click the Service Sheet button. The system will generate the Service Sheet report in PDF format, after which you can save it locally and print it.

Step 8: Enter Trip Results

When you finish servicing the machines on the trip, you have to enter the data that you have recorded into the system.

If you are using the mobile app, press the Upload Trip button, and all data you have entered on the app will be uploaded back into the system.

Otherwise, in the Trips section, select the trip and press the Enter Results button.

You can read Enter Trip Results article for a description of the data you need to enter.

Step 9: Reports

Check your results on the Reports screen.

You can check out the Reports article to get familiar with the reports that the VendSoft system can provide to you.

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