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Install Machine at Location
Install Machine at Location
Updated over a week ago

Locations and machines are interconnected - the first is not meaningful without the other and vice versa. Every location has to have at least one machine assigned to it, and also, each machine has to be placed at exactly one location.

With this step, you define at which location belongs a specific machine.

Installing the machine at a location is one of the required setup steps that you must perform to include a machine / location into a trip and schedule a visit.

Go to the Machines screen. Machines not installed at a location will have a link “Install at Location” highlighted in yellow.

Click on the link, and the system will open the Install Machine screen:

Select the location, enter the “Installed on” date, identify the date on which the machine was installed, and save.

Another way to install a machine at a location is from the Locations screen > View/Edit Location > Install Machine.

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