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Inventory Overview
Inventory Overview
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The Inventory screen is the place where you can view and manage your products. Here you will see a grid that lists all the available products in the system, the current stock for each of them, and other helpful info.

Columns available in the Inventory grid:

  • Code - product code

  • Name - product name

  • Type: what kind of product is this. The system offers four predefined product types: Beverage, Food, Hot Drink, and Ingredient, but you are free to create as many custom product types as you need (see how in Create Product Type).

  • Units per Case: the number of single units in one case.

  • Reorder Point: the stock level of the product in the warehouse below which you should consider making a purchase. See report Inventory to Reorder.

  • Total In-stock: total stock of product in the warehouse and machines.

  • In Warehouse: stock in the warehouse.

  • In Machines: stock in machines.

  • Last Cost: the last cost at which you purchased this product. The cost is per single unit.

  • Average Cost: Used to calculate COGS (cost of goods sold). (Profit Loss report, Expenses column in Sales by Product report)

  • Status: product status. Possible values are Active and Inactive. If a product is in status Inactive, it is still visible in the Inventory grid, but it is not displayed in the products list when you create a Purchase or when you enter Machine configuration, for example. Product is also excluded from inventory-related reports like Inventory Valuation and Inventory to Reorder. You can easily identify inactive Products as they are marked in grey.

  • Barcode: the product barcode.

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