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To schedule a new trip, click the Create Trip button on the Trips screen.

Entering new trip data happens in the Create Trip screen:

Select the driver who will execute the trip and the service date.

Add The Locations To Visit

The next step is to choose the machines and locations to visit. This can be accomplished in three ways:

Using the Add locations button

The system will open the Locations screen, where you can select one or more Locations to add to your trip. When you click Save, the system will add all the chosen locations with all machines assigned to them.

One often-used scenario is to filter Locations by Route and then sort the list by Next Visit to select Locations that must be visited on a specific date.

Using the Add From Route button

The system will open the Routes screen on which you can select to add a specific route. When you click the Save button, the system will add all locations from the routes chosen with all the machines assigned to them.

There is an option to filter the locations that will be included in the trip by their Next Visit Date. If you have entered the Date for the trip and clicked the Add From Route button, the system will show a checkbox “Filter by Next Visit” at the bottom of the window. When selected, the system will choose only the locations whose Next Visit Date equals the chosen Service Date.

Using the Add Machines button

The system will open the Machines screen, where you can select the machines to add to your trip.

Locations And Machines List

Locations and machines included in the Trip are displayed in a tree-like list grouped by Location.

You can use the Show Machines and Hide Machines buttons to show or hide the machines under the locations.

You can delete a location from the list by clicking the delete icon at the end of each list row.

Notes to driver

When you click on the Notes button next to a machine, you can enter a message to the driver in the Notes to Driver screen.

The message will be displayed in the mobile application on the screen Enter Trip Results -> Select Machine, so the driver will see it when servicing the machine.


When you add a location to the trip, the system will display it on the map. You can click the location’s pin on the map to display its name and address. You can remove it from the trip directly from here by clicking on the Remove from the trip button.

Next Steps

When you are ready with trip adjustments, click Save to save your changes. You will see the list of your trips and your new trip in the status Created. The system automatically generates a Trip number that uniquely identifies it.

After the Trip creation, you have two options:

  • To use the mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  • Record the data from servicing the machines on paper and then enter it manually on the Enter Trip Results screen.

If you choose the paper-based option, you can use the Service Sheet Report to help you capture all data from servicing the machines.

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