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You can install the mobile app by using the following links or by searching for "vendsoft" on the Apple app store and Google Play store:

Log in using your email and password:

Download Trip

You have to create a trip from the web interface first. Then you can download it from the mobile app.

Press the Download Trip button:

Then you can select one of the available trips in status Created:

Enter Trip Results

The next step is to record the servicing of the machines. Press the Enter Trip Results button:

The app will show the list of locations / machines included on the trip. Clicking on the map icon on the left side of each location will open the location on Google Maps or Apple Maps, which you can use for driving directions.

Select one of the machines:

You will then seen the main menu for the machine:

Service Screen

On the Service screen you can record the number of items added to the machine for each column.

If you want to fill a column to the Last Count (the previous fill) level you can use the Plus and Minus buttons to record the number of items Filled (added).

If you want to fill to a different level or to change the product or the price of a column you have to press the Edit button on the left.

On the Column screen you have to record the following:

  • Current - the total quantity inside the machine on arrival (including the Emptied and Bad items)

  • Filled - the quantity added

  • Emptied - the quantity removed from the machines (for example when uninstalling the machine or changing the product)

  • Bad - the quantity of the damaged or expired items

Pressing the Menu button will open the following menu, which will allow you to change the product or the price:

When changing the product it is important to record both in the Current and the Emptied boxes the quantity of the old product on arrival. The remaining quantity of the old product has to be removed from the machine before adding items of the new product.

Cash Screen

On the Cash screen you can record the following:

  • Cash Collected

  • Added Coins

  • Refunds

  • Money Bag

Upload Trip

When you complete the servicing of all machines you can press the Upload Trip button from the home screen to upload the trip to the server:

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