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Bulk machines
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Bulk machines vend products you buy and sell in bulk and cannot be counted as individual items. These can be sweets, candy, gumballs, nuts, etc.

The important thing to mention is that these goods are not sold 1 unit per 1 vend, but rather the machine dispenses a certain portion of the product per each vend. Bulk products cannot be counted as single units. Therefore, it is impossible to keep track of the exact count of units sold and in stock.

For Bulk machines, VendSoft tracks Cash Collected and Filled Quantity data (entered in Trip > Enter Trip Results screen). The system does not track the inventory of products inside the machines, only in the warehouse, i.e., Last Count values are not tracked.

The filled quantity is assumed to be sold immediately and will be shown as sold in the reports.

On the tab Planogram, you can define machine canister(s) and what product is placed in each of them:

The Add Canister button opens the Add Canister screen:

Enter the following data:

  • Product (Required): select a product from the dropdown. The Product field is searchable, and you can search product by typing its code or name.

  • Canister (Required): enter the canister code to differentiate canisters. By default, the system will generate sequential numbering for you.

  • Max Capacity (Required): what quantity can the canister maximum be filled with. Leave it 0 if you don’t want to set a limit.

  • Vend Price (Optional): the selling price of the product. You can define different prices for the same product in different machines.

Edit Canister

To edit column data, click on the row in the Planogram grid. Make the changes and save.

Delete Canister

To delete a canister, click the row in the Planogram grid. Then click the Delete button.

You can read more about dealing with Bulk products in our dedicated article How to manage Bulk inventory.

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