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Machines Overview
Machines Overview
Updated over a week ago

You can view and manage your vending machines by clicking on the Machines screen.

  • Code

  • Name

  • Model

  • Machine Type

  • Columns: the number of slots/selections defined in the machine’s planogram. The system highlights the cell in yellow if the machine currently has no configuration.

  • Location: the name of the location where the machine is currently installed. You can click the name and open the Show Location screen. If the machine is not currently assigned to any location, the system highlights the cell in yellow and displays a hint "Install at Location."

  • Last Visit: the date when the machine was last visited. This is the date of the last trip to the machine in the status “Posted.” Empty if no trips to the machine exist.

  • Days in service: the number of days since the machine was installed at its current location. Empty if the machine is not installed.

  • Total Collected: the total amount of money collected from this machine. This is the sum of the field Cash Collected from all the trips ever executed to this machine.

  • Days since visit: number of days since Last Visit date

  • Key

  • Serial number

If you have some custom fields defined, they will be displayed as additional columns in the Machines Grid.

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