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You can control the application functionality that different users can access by using roles.

Go to the screen Configuration > tab Roles to view and manage roles.

The system has one predefined role, Admin, that has full access and cannot be modified or deleted.

In addition, you can define as many roles as you need to suit your business needs and model. Example roles could be Driver, Inventory Operator, Technician, and so on.

Every role has a set of specific permissions that control user access.

Roles Grid

Here you see a list of all available Roles, displayed with their name.

Create Role

Use the Create Role button to open the Create Role screen:

Give a descriptive name to the role (required), for example, “Driver” or “Technician,” etc., and select the permissions from the list.

After creating a role, it is available to be assigned to users. See how in the Users article.

You cannot modify the permissions for the Admin role.

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