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In this section, you can manage the users from your company that have access to the application and their level of access to application data.

Go to the screen Configuration -> Users.

It is recommended that you first create roles on the screen Configuration -> Roles, and after that, create users and assign roles to them.

Users Grid

Here you see a list of all available Users, displayed with their name, email, phone number, and assigned roles.

Create User

Use the Create Person button to open the Create Person screen:

  • Name (Required): Enter the name of the user. Free text.

  • Email: enter the user's email address. This is the email that the user will use to log into the application. The system doesn't allow duplicate emails. If you enter a Username, the Email field is optional.

  • Username: enter a username. You can use either the Email or the Username for logging into VendSoft.

  • Phone (Optional): free text field for user phone number.

  • Password (Required): enter the user's password with a minimum length of four symbols. This is the password that the user will use to log into the application.

  • Repeat password (Require): enter the same password again.

  • Roles: you will see a list of all existing Roles. Use the checkboxes in front of each of them to define the user's roles. It is recommended that you select at least one role. Otherwise, the user will see nothing but the Dashboard.

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