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Locations Overview
Locations Overview
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You can manage your locations from the Locations screen.

The columns on the Locations screen are:

  • Code

  • Name

  • Address Line1

  • City

  • ZIP

  • Service Days: Service pattern for visiting machines on a fixed schedule. “TU,TH 7” - every week on Tuesday and Thursday; “WE 14” - every two weeks on Wednesday.

  • Routes: a comma-separated list of all routes that contain the Location (see Add Location to Route)

  • Last Visit: last date when the location was visited. This is the date of the last trip to this location.

  • Next Visit: next date when the location should be visited according to the defined fixed schedule Service Pattern. The system calculates the date based on the Last Visit date and the location’s service pattern.

  • # Machines: number of machines installed in this location. If no machines are currently assigned to the location, the system marks the cell and displays the hint “Please, install at least one machine.”

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Phone

  • Status

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