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Column Maps (Cantaloupe)
Column Maps (Cantaloupe)
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If you have already configured column mapping in SeedLive you can skip this article.

Cantaloupe SeedLive is sending the telemetry data using MDB codes instead of selections. In order to process the telemetry data in VendSoft the MDB codes must be mapped to selections (columns).

Using Existing Column Map Template

You can see the predefined column map templates on the screen Configuration -> tab Column Maps

VendSoft has predefined column map templates for many popular vending machine models. If your machine model is on the list you can select it. Then press the Apply Template button. On the Apply Template screen you can select which machine to apply the template to and press the Save button. The applied column map template will be visible in the Column Map field on the Machines screen.

Creating New Column Map Templates

If your machine model is not available on the list of predefined column map templates you must create a new template. You can use the following steps to create the template:

  1. The first step is to find what are the MDB codes generated by your machine. You have to visit the machine and use a Credit Card, Cash, or a Pass Card to vend from each selection on the vending machine in turn. Make a note of the sequence of Items you vend. You must vend just one item at a time, and the Item must be priced so that a transaction is created.

  2. Run the Telemetry -> Transaction Log report from the Reports screen in VendSoft. On the Selection column you will see the MDB codes generated by the machine

  3. Press the Create Template button on the Column Maps screen and name the template (for example with the name of your machine model)

  4. In the Column Map Content box you have to record the actual mapping in the form of several lines: MDB Code=Vend Column. For example:





  5. Your template will be shown at the bottom of the templates list with Type: Local. You can apply it to a machine in the same way as the predefined global templates.

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