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Step 1. Request user roles from Nayax

Please ask the support team at Nayax to assign you the Transaction Dispatcher and Transactions Report Subscriber user roles. These roles are needed to access the Transactions Report tab, as described in Step 2.2 below.

Step 2. Configure the Transactions Report tab in Nayax

2.1 Copy the access keys from VendSoft

In VendSoft, open the Profile screen from the top right menu:

Press the Show Nayax Access Keys button. The system will show you the Access Key and Secret Key. The keys will be used in the following steps.

2.2 Open the Transactions Report tab in Nayax

In Nayax, open the Administration → Operator screen. Press Search and select your operator from the list on the left side of the screen (Please click on the operator at the top of the hierarchy even if there is just one operator).

Then open the Transactions Report tab.

2.3 Configure Amazon SQS

Check the Amazon SQS checkbox (under Transaction Dispatching)

Copy the Access Key and Secret Key from the Profile screen of VendSoft.

Uncheck the Enable Encryption checkbox.

Press the Validate button. You should see an “Amazon SQS validation: succeeded” message.

VendSoft Nayax integration Amazon SQS configuration

2.4 Configure Transaction Types

Click on the Transaction Types field and select all payment methods.

Enable the Include Free Transactions option.

2.5 Configure the Transaction Information list

Press the Select All button to select all report columns from the Transaction Information list.

2.6 Save the changes

Press the Save Information button to save the changes to the Transaction Reports tab.

Step 3. Configure the Products Map

In Nayax, open the Operations → Machines screen. Press Search and select your machine.

Open the Products Map tab and enter the PA Code.

In both the Column field on the planogram in VendSoft and the PA Code on Nayax, you must enter the item selection - the physical label in the machine that the user would press to vend the column.

The values depend on the machine model. For example:

AP 113: the columns should be 110, 111, 112, ..., 120, ... etc.

Dixie Narco 5800: the columns should be A1, A2, A3, ..., B1, B2, ... etc.

Here is a link to more detailed documentation from Nayax on configuring the Products Map tab.

Step 4. Configure the Telemetry ID field in VendSoft

In VendSoft, open the Edit Machine screen and enter the Device Number of the Nayax device in the Telemetry ID field (including all the leading zeroes, if any):

In the old Nayax interface, you can find the Device Number on the General tab of the machine in Nayax, under General Information -> Hardware.

In the new Nayax interface, you can find the Device number on the Settings tab of the machine in Nayax, under Machin Info -> General.

Old interface:

New interface:

In both cases, copy only the first 16-digit number (ignore any numbers in brackets).

Step 5. Check The Received Telemetry Data

Nayax will send only future transactions to VendSoft (those that occur after the configuration of the Transactions Report tab), so you will have to wait a bit for some sales to be visible in VendSoft.

You can see which screens show the telemetry data in the article Where can I see the telemetry data in VendSoft?

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