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Variety Packs
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The Variety Pack is a bundle of multiple products with a different number of items per product that you usually want to purchase together and in some specific quantity.

When creating a purchase, you have the option to add single products but also to add a variety pack of products.

The system will add the individual products from the pack to the purchase.

The price of each item will be calculated as Total Cost / Total number of items in the added packs. For example, if you add one pack that contains a total of 40 single items and you enter a Single Pack Cost of 50, the price of each item will be calculated as 50 / 40 = 1.25

Use the Variety Pack button on the Configuration screen to launch the Variety Pack screen:

Create Variety Pack

You have to create the individual products on the Inventory tab before combining them into a variety pack.

Click Create Variety Pack button to open the Create Variety Pack screen:

Enter the Variety Pack Name - this should be a descriptive free-text name.

Click add button to add products to the pack.

  • Product (Required): select a product from the drop-down list.

  • Quantity (Required): Enter the product quantity in single units.

After adding a product, you can remove it from the pack by clicking the Delete link at the end of each row.

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