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Amusement machines
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VendSoft supports amusement (crane, claw) machines. For each machine, the system tracks three meters:

  • Bills In - a meter that tracks every dollar bill pulse

  • Coins In - a meter that tracks every coin pulse

  • Prize Out - a meter that tracks the number of prizes that left the machine

You can define the initial meter readings on the Create Machine screen. The Bills In and Coins In readings are on the General tab. The Prize Out reading can be entered when you add a product (column) on the Planogram tab.

The difference in meter readings from the last collection to the current collection will show how much money you should expect in the machine. (Separated into coins in, bills in, and prizes out). You should count the money collected from the machines to get each machine's actual coin count and bill count. On the “Amusement Payout” report, the system will show any differences in meter readings and hand counts as a VARIANCE.

Formulas used on the Enter Trip Results screen

  • Wins = New Prize Out meter reading - Old Prize Out meter reading

  • New Count = Last Count - Wins + Filled

Amusement Payout report

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