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Show/Edit Machine
Show/Edit Machine
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To review and edit the machine’s data, go to the Machines screen, and click on the machine row in the grid.

On the Show Machine screen, the data is grouped into two tabs: General and Planogram:

The General tab displays the data you entered on the Create Machine screen.

The Planogram tab contains data about the machine products, quantities, and prices.

Edit Machine General Info

The General tab data is initially displayed as read-only. To edit it, click the Edit button in the upper right corner. The system will enable all fields for editing.

Upload Photo

To upload a machine picture, click the Upload Photo button. The system will open the Upload Photo window:

Select the picture you want to upload and click Upload. After the photo is uploaded, click Save to save your changes.

Delete Machine

Open the machine you want to delete and click the Delete Machine button.

The machine will no longer be displayed in the machines’ list, but historical sales data for that machine is still available and can be seen in reports.

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