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Adjust Quantity
Updated over a week ago

Use this function to change the product quantity In Warehouse, for example, based on stock-taking.

Select the product you want to modify from the Inventory screen and click the Adjust Quantity button on the Show Product screen.

  • In Warehouse: The current quantity in the warehouse (in single units).

  • New Quantity: Edit the quantity as necessary. After you change the New Quantity, the system automatically calculates the value for Total In-Stock.

  • Date: The date of the adjustment.

  • Reason: The reason for the adjustment. It will be displayed as a description in the Product History screen and the report Write-Offs / Adjustments.

The adjustment is displayed in the list of product movements on the Inventory -> Product History screen:

The adjustments can be removed directly from the Product History screen by clicking the delete icon at the end of the row. Product quantities In Warehouse and Total In-Stock will be recalculated accordingly.

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